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Alcala Consulting is an independent firm specializing in all aspects of the professional consulting service.  We offer a wide range of high-value services, providing our clients with the strategic tools needed to succeed in today's competitive market.

Alcala has broad expertise in consulting on turn-key projects in Warehouse Management Systems, Supply Chain Logistics, Inventory Systems, Catering Material Handling Systems, IT Infrastructure, Business Process Re-engineering, Product and Service Delivery. 

Alcala focuses on serving small and medium size firms.  We have the resources to find the most “fit” suppliers, clients, partners, products and services anywhere in the world, and we have the experience to provide quality driven results with the most cost effective solutions.  Alcala provides its clients with a clear understanding of the “lay of the land” and a proven path to achieving business goals.  Note that the Alcala’s  pricing structure is set to produce significant profits to Alcala only when the client derives financial benefits.

Our Services

I. Catering Materials Handling

II. Product& Service Delivery

III. Supply Chain Logistics

IV. Business Process Re-engineering


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Over 20 Years' experience in international trade, worldwide logistics and consultancy


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